Scott Dylan

what is a borescope

What Is A Borescope?

Like many other inspection tools, a borescope allows you to see places that wouldn't be visible otherwise. When you inspect an item, you can insert a borescope...
what is a pipe cutter

What Is a Pipe Cutter?

When it comes to plumbing and machinery, there are seemingly endless tools available. What is a pipe cutter, and how does it differ from other tools? As the...
what is a hacksaw

What Is a Hacksaw?

What is a hacksaw? Whether you're a casual DIY fan or a professional, it helps to understand this powerful tool. Hacksaws are often used by plumbers, electrici...
How To Level A Bathtub

How to Level a Bathtub

Is it time for a bathroom remodel and a new bathtub? Whether you're trying to update your bathroom or building new from the ground up, you will want to mak...

Scott Dylan

As a former property manager and the son of a contractor, Scott knows how to keep the lights on and the water running. He has also written for Angi, Home Light, and other home improvement sites. When he's not fixing things, he'll be found in the gym lifting weights, in the kitchen baking, and just about everywhere spending quality time with his wife and daughter.