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Best Drywall Saw In 2022

If you don’t have much experience with drywall, you probably don’t know what to look for in a drywall saw. Because truthfully, there are so many options that weeding through them is confusing. (And a bit boring, too.)

Luckily, whether you’re looking for the best bang for your buck or the best high-quality, high-end saw, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best drywall saws of 2022.

Best Drywall Saw In 2022

  1. IRWIN Tools ProTouch Drywall Saw (Our Top Pick)
  2. Klein Tools Folding Drywall Saw (Best High End)
  3. Goldblatt Folding Drywall Saw

What Makes A Good Drywall Saw

Drywall saws are very simple to use. So much so, they’re almost self-explanatory.

But if you’ve never used one, here’s how it works: After outlining your cut, you poke the saw into the drywall and use a back and forth motion to cut the piece.

Simple as that.

And since drywall saws are no frills, there are only two things you need to pay attention to – the blade and the handle.

The handle should be non-slip and comfortable to hold. 

The blade needs to have a sharp point at the end, tri-ground teeth, and be an appropriate length. (Long blades make cutting much more manageable and reduce the necessary exertion to rip through the sheetrock.)

Is A Drywall Saw Necessary?

So here’s the thing: you don’t necessarily need a drywall saw. If you have one or two straight cuts to make, then you can probably use a sharp utility knife or another hand tool.

But if you need to make a large number of cuts or carve out around electrical outlets, then having a drywall saw will make your life so much easier. 

Cutting drywall requires you to make a puncture mark and insert your cutting tool. Drywall saws have points on the edge that make the puncture easy to do – this is why they’re sometimes called jab saws.

In addition, the long blades allow you to make an easy back and forth motion which is what cuts.

Benefits Of Using A Drywall Saw

Jab saws are a specially designed hand saw for cutting drywall. They have a sharp pointed edge, a long blade with teeth, and a handle on the end.

The main benefits of using a jab saw are:

  • Sharp edge allows you to puncture the drywall
  • Long blade and teeth make cutting easy
  • Can help you precisely make intricate cuts

What To Look For When Buying A Drywall Saw

If you’re looking to purchase a drywall saw, there are three things you need to look for: blade teeth, blade length, and blade point.

Here’s what you should know about each.

Blade Teeth

When it comes to blade teeth, you want to look at something called teeth grind.

Teeth grind, refers to how many cutting surfaces the teeth have. The more cutting surface, the faster and easier the blade will rip through the drywall. 

You’ll typically see double or triple teeth grind listed on the package.

Triple grind teeth will result in the fastest and smoothest cut.

Blade Length

When it comes to blade length, a little longer is better. With a short blade, you’ll need to exert a lot of force to rip through drywall.

Longer blades allow for easier cutting.

However, you don’t want your blade to be too long, or your cuts can get sloppy.

An ideal blade length is roughly six inches. However, there are still some great options with longer blades.

Blade Point

To cut through drywall, you first have to puncture it, and luckily you can do that with a drywall saw. Drywall saws have a point at the end for jabbing through drywall. (This is why sometimes people refer to them as jab saws.)

So, when you’re buying a drywall saw, look for a sharp blade point.

Top Drywall Saw Reviews

1. IRWIN Tools ProTouch Drywall Saw (Our Top Pick)


Our top pick is an inexpensive, highly rated drywall jab saw from IRWIN tools. 

The IRWIN Tools ProTouch Drywall Saw has a 31-centimeter blade, ergonomic handle, and tri-ground teeth. The tri-ground teeth make ripping through drywall incredibly quick and easy.

The blade on this saw is very thick, which makes maintaining control much easier. If you’re looking for an inexpensive jab saw for fast and precise cutting, this is hard to beat. 


  • A long, thick blade
  • Tri-ground teeth
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Very affordable


  • The 31-centimeter blade may be too long for some users

Buy The IRWIN Tools ProTouch Drywall Saw On Amazon

2. Klein Tools Folding Drywall Saw (Best High End)


If you do a lot of drywall work and want a saw that will last, try the Klein Tools Folding Drywall Saw.

As implied by the name, this hand saw has a folding handle that makes storage safe and easy. In addition, it has a lock-back mechanism that will secure the blade at 125 degrees and 180 degrees.

This jab saw also comes with a cushioned handle, perfect if you plan on doing a lot of cutting. It has tri-ground teeth, a 5.2-inch blade and can cut in both directions.

And even though the price is higher-end than comparable options, it’s still relatively inexpensive.

Really, if I had to nitpick, the only bad thing I could say is that the blade may be shorter than some would prefer.


  • Tri ground teeth
  • The blade can cut both directions
  • Cushioned handle
  • Folds and locks shut


  • The blade might be slightly small for some people (nitpicking, the blade length is probably fine)

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3. Goldblatt Folding Drywall Saw 


Another excellent option is the Goldblatt Folding Drywall Saw. This one lands right in the middle of the other when it comes to cost.

The Goldblatt has a folding handle, tri-ground teeth, and a five-inch blade. And this tool has a  perfect 5 out of 5 rating from more than 2,000 customers.

If you’re looking for a knife that can help you with precision cutting, this is worth a look. It will cut through drywall, plastic, PVC, and more.


  • Folding jab saw
  • Tri-ground teeth
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Cuts through many types of materials


  • The blade might be slightly small for some people

Buy The Goldblatt Folding Drywall Saw On Amazon


Drywall saws are relatively inexpensive and can make cutting drywall so much easier. So, if you’re working on a big job, it’d be a mistake not to get one.

You can find drywall or jab saws at various price points, but since they’re such a simple tool, they don’t cost much money. Remember, the best drywall saws will have tri-ground teeth, a blade of five inches or more, and a comfy handle.