Best Drywall Tape

Best Drywall Tape (2023 Review)

To get a smooth look and feel between drywall panels, you need to tape and mud the joints. Without tape, the drywall mud eventually cracks and crumbles as normal shifting of the house occurs.

But, before you tape, you need to know which one to use. 

Some drywall tape is best for DIY home improvement projects and beginners, like self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape. While other products, like paper tape, are often used by professional drywall installers.

If you’re wondering what option is for you, try one of these best drywall tapes.

Best Drywall Tape

  1. Duck Brand Drywall Joint Tape (Top Choice and Best Drywall Tape for Beginners)
  2. LylTech Fiberglass Mesh Joint Tape (Best Budget)
  3. FibaTape Mold Resistant FDW8664-U (Best Mold-Resistant)
  4. Strait-Flex Original (Best for Inside Corners)
  5. FibaFuse Paperless FDW9018-US (Best for Repairs and Ceilings)
  6. Red Devil 1226 Crack Patch (Best for Crack Repair)

What Kind Of Drywall Tape Is Available?

Different kinds of drywall tape require different applications. 

While professionals usually opt for paper tape, it requires a coating of mud before you embed it and another afterward. Because you need to apply mud beforehand, it can be tough to get the paper to stay in one spot and even harder to completely smooth it.

Then there’s mesh tape which is much more beginner-friendly and doesn’t require a base coat – you simply add your compound over the top of the tape.

In addition to these basic types, there are specialized tapes for specific applications. Here are the main types of drywall tape you’ll come across:

Paper Tape

Paper drywall tape has long been the go-to choice for professional drywall installers. It’s the thinnest tape of them all.

And the thinner the tape, the less visible the drywall seams are.

Standard size paper tape is usually 2 inches wide and comes in rolls up to 200 feet in length.

To use paper tape, you first apply a thin layer of compound to the drywall joint seams. Then, you embed the tape, smooth it out, and apply a second layer of mud on top. 

While using paper tape sounds easy, getting it right requires a lot of skill.

If you use too much compound or too little, the tape won’t stay in place or will have air bubbles in it. 

Self-Adhesive Mesh Tape

Self-adhesive mesh tape is a fantastic product for novice drywall finishers and anyone working on a drywall home improvement project.

Like it sounds, self-adhesive tape has a sticky backing. Because of this, you don’t need to mud the wall before applying it. 

To use self-adhesive mesh tape, center a piece over the joints in the wall. Once on the wall, smooth drywall compound over it.

The mud will penetrate the mesh, filling the joints underneath. 

After you apply the compound, smooth it out with your drywall knife.

Moisture and Mold Resistant Tape

Moisture and mold-resistant tape are optimal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-humidity spaces. They have fiberglass or other additives in them that withstands moisture and mold.

Fire Resistant Drywall Tape

Depending on where you live, local building codes may require you to use fire-resistant drywall tape where an outer structure (like a garage) meets the wall of your home. In this case, you’ll want to use fire-resistant tape with a foil backing.

However, be sure to check your local codes ahead of time. Sometimes you can use regular drywall compound and tape with Type X fire-rated gypsum drywall panels.

Top Factors To Consider When Choosing A Drywall Tape

Skill Level and Application

Paper tape is thinner and creates less noticeable seams between drywall panels. However, paper tape requires a coating of compound before embedding it into the wall.

Therefore, it can be challenging for DIYers to install this tape correctly.

An easier option for those with little to no experience is self-adhesive mesh tape. While mesh tape is a bit thicker, as a novice, it’s far easier to install without making mistakes.

Where The Tape Will Be Going

There are different types of tape for various applications. For example, a traditional roll of self-adhesive mesh tape is excellent for wall joints.

However, creased paper tape is best for inside corners, and for outsider corners, a plastic or metal piece called a corner bead is most well-suited.

You can also find tape specifically for crack repair and inside ceiling corners.

Top Drywall Tape Reviews

1. Duck Brand Drywall Joint Tape (Top Choice and Best Drywall Tape for Beginners)

Duck Brand Drywall Joint Tape

The Duck brand self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape is a fantastic choice for beginners and pros alike. It’s super thin at only 0.2 millimeters, is 1.88 inches wide, and comes in a 180-foot roll.

This tape has a self-adhesive backing, so you can put it on the wall without applying joint compound first. After you center it over your joint, you then apply your drywall mud.

It will ooze through the mesh to fill the cracks.

You can even cut a piece of this tape off to use for crack repair.


  • Self-adhesive – no need to reapply compound
  • Thin
  • Repositionable
  • 100% fiberglass mesh
  • Use for joints, holes, or cracks


  • None – very highly rated, one of the top drywall tape choices

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2. LylTech Fiberglass Mesh Joint Tape (Best Budget)

LylTech Fiberglass Mesh Joint Tape

The LylTech fiberglass mesh drywall tape is another self-adhesive option, slightly less expensive than the Duck brand. However, it is somewhat thicker at 0.8 millimeters.

It comes in the standard 1.88-inch width in a 180-foot roll.

The LylTech tape has firm adhesion. You can use it for drywall joints or to repair small holes or cracks in the wall.

There’s no need to pre-apply your drywall mud.

LylTech tape also comes with quality assurance and a return anytime guarantee.


  • Self-adhesive
  • Inexpensive
  • Quality assurance
  • Strong, fiberglass mesh
  • Use for joints, holes, or cracks


  • Slightly thicker than the Duck brand tape

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3. FibaTape Mold Resistant FDW8664-U (Best Mold-Resistant)

FibaTape Mold Resistant FDW8664-U

FibaTape is a self-adhesive green tape, perfect to use with green board and other moisture or mold-resistant drywall products. It scored a perfect ten on the ASTM D3273 mold test.

This tape is self-adhesive, so it’s perfectly acceptable for a beginner to use. In addition, it has open mesh so that you won’t have bubbling tape.

This tape is a 1 ⅞ width and comes in a 300-foot roll.


  • Self-adhesive, easy to install
  • Mold resistant
  • Strong fiberglass mesh
  • Comes in a lengthy roll


  • None. This tape is almost perfectly rated and an ideal choice to pair with mold-resistant drywall.

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4. Strait-Flex Original (Best for Inside Corners)

Strait-Flex Original

Strait-flex original is a composite tape for inside and outside corners. It Comes with a line down the middle so you can easily fold it before placing it on the wall.

It’s also wider than standard paper tape, making it ideal for covering large corner gaps.

Strait flex has slotted edges, so it bonds better to the wall than a standard paper tape. However, you do need to pre-apply drywall mud to the wall to use this.

While Strait-Flex is great for inside corners, it’s not as sturdy as a regular corner bead, so results on outside corners will vary.



  • Must embed in drywall mud
  • Harder to install

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5. FibaFuse Paperless FDW9018-US (Best for Repairs and Ceilings)

FibaFuse Paperless FDW9018-US

If you’ve ever tried to tape the joint between a ceiling and wall with standard width drywall tape, you know how hard it can be. Luckily, FibaFuse can make the job easier.

This tape comes in various widths, including six inches – perfect for butt joints where walls and ceilings meet. You can use this product just like a traditional tape – embed it in joint compound.

FibaFuse also comes in two other lengths, including 2 ⅙ inch and 36 inches which you can use for drywall repair


  • Great size for inside corner between wall and ceiling
  • Comes in various widths
  • Can cut to size for drywall patches
  • Mold and mildew resistant


  • Not self-adhesive

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6. Red Devil 1226 Crack Patch (Best for Crack Repair)

Red Devil 1226 Crack Patch

If you have recurrent cracks in your drywall, the Red Devil crack patch can help eliminate them once and for all.

This self-adhesive fiber mesh patch comes in three different widths: 2.5 inches, 6 inches, and 36 inches. You can cut any of these to the size you need.

After placing the patch over your crack, fill it with joint compound or spackle, allow it to dry, and then sand for a smooth finish.

The Red Devil patch has more than 2,400 Amazon reviews with an almost perfect 5 out of 5-star rating.


  • Self-adhesive
  • Comes in various widths
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Can cut to size


  • None. This is a highly rated product, great for repairing cracks.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right drywall tape is extremely important for a professional-looking finish. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, the Duck Brand self-adhesive mesh tape is an excellent easy-to-use option for drywall joints.

And because it’s thinner than other mesh tapes, it will create a more seamless finish.

You’ll need to use paper drywall tape or the Strait-Flex composite tape for inside corners. And if you want a smooth inside corner from wall to ceiling, consider using the six inches wide FibaFuse.