Best Flushing Toilet

Best Flushing Toilet (2022 Review)

Maybe you’re in the middle of a major bathroom remodel. Or maybe your current toilet has just outlived its usefulness.

If you’re looking for a new toilet, you want a model that can handle all the messes of your daily life.

Best Flushing Toilets 

  1. TOTO One Piece Eco Ultramax Toilet – (Our Top Pick)
  2. American Standard Elongated Champion 4 Toilet
  3. Kohler Comfort Height Santa Rosa

What To Consider When Looking For An Efficient Flushing Toilet

Some systems will serve you better than others. For example, you’ll need to decide whether you want a more powerful flush or a more eco-friendly toilet.

You might consider getting a dual flush toilet for the best of both worlds.

You’ll also need to take into consideration things like the location of the toilet, whether you have a small bathroom, and whether you need other technology.

This is a quick guide to all the components you should consider when you’re looking for the right toilet for your bathroom.


You need to take your budget into account. Depending on the technology, a high quality toilet could run hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

That goes especially for luxury brand name items.`A decent toilet will usually cost $200 minimum, though there are some budget options for less.

One important note is that you shouldn’t cut corners when looking for a new toilet. If you see an expensive model being sold by a third party for much less than its value, there’s probably a reason for that.

Similarly, you don’t want to take any “overflow stock” that just happened to be lying around your local hardware store. And if you find a toilet on clearance, make sure you’ll be able to get replacement parts for the model if anything goes wrong with it.

Some manufacturers offer installment plans for their toilets. That means that you don’t have to worry about paying the whole cost up front.

Instead, you can pay it off slowly over the course of several months. That might appeal to people shopping on a tighter budget, as well as people who choose to purchase a luxury toilet.

Bathroom Location

The location of your bathroom makes a big difference. Is it in the basement or above the sewer line?

How big is the space around it? Is this a new bathroom with new plumbing, or are you remodeling an existing space?

No matter what type of toilet you get, you have to be mindful of your space. That means getting a model that’s compatible with everything including your plumbing system, the dimensions of the room, and your personal needs.

Make sure that you take some measurements of the space where you’ll be placing the toilet. Keep in mind that there needs to be a foot of space on both sides and in the front.

If you’re looking for space-saving options, you might consider a wall mounted toilet. These models work great in compact areas, but you need to be able to put the toilet tank inside the wall.

If you’re installing a toilet below the sewer line, your options will be slightly limited. You’ll need to get a toilet that flushes upward using electricity, rather than having a gravity-fed system.

Plumbing Needs

The toilet needs to be hooked up to your water supply for the tank to refill, and it needs to be able to remove waste.

If you already have an existing toilet, make sure that you note where it connects to the water supply and drainage pipes. If need be, you can ask a plumber about whether there are any special needs with regards to your setup.

For people who are creating a bathroom in a new space, one of your first considerations should be the water line. Where is the toilet getting water?

Where is the drain pipe hooked up?

Ideally, your toilet will be kept close to an outdoor drain. If it’s installed above the sewer line, a gravity system can help with flushing.

You might need to use macerators and powered pumps if your system needs to flush upwards.


Different toilets are available at different heights.

In the past, most toilets were designed low to the ground. But that can make it harder to sit down and stand up, especially if you have mobility issues.

There are modern toilets designed to comply with ADA standards, which means that they’re much taller.

ADA-compliant toilets can be more comfortable, and they’re a high priority for older people. But they can also be harder for children to use.

If you choose a wall mounted toilet, you’ll likely be able to pick the height during the installation process. You can ask about which height is ideal for your needs.

You can also look for toilets branded with a “Universal Height” feature.

Two or One-Piece Design

A one-piece toilet is built with the tank and bowl fused together. There is also a trap integrated into the drain.

The biggest advantage of this is that the toilet is super easy to maintain and clean. However, one-piece designs do tend to be more expensive.

They’re also a lot heavier, which makes a big difference if you’re installing the new toilet by yourself.

With a two-piece design, the bowl and water tank are separate. These models are more inexpensive, and it’s easier to replace the toilet tank when need be.

But their connections will wear down and need replacing as time goes by.

Some people choose wall-mounted designs, which are different from both traditional one-piece and two-piece toilets. These are often put into extremely tiny spaces, so they’re popular in places like ships and tiny houses.


A water-efficient toilet is the key to lowering your water bill. Many of today’s toilets are built specifically to conserve water.

In fact, they may receive a seal from the EPA if they meet rigorous standards for their water usage.

The idea is for toilets to be able to remove solid waste in a single flush. But they should use less water than their traditional counterparts to do so.

In order to keep the same powerful flush, toilet manufacturers have created patented designs and technology.

The efficiency of your toilet is measured with GPF, or gallons per flush. Many efficient toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush, but there are also toilets that use even less water.

Some only need a gallon to give you the high-end flushing action you’re looking for.

Another key option is a dual flush system. This system uses two buttons: one for liquid waste and one for solid.

When you get rid of liquid waste, the toilet uses less water.

Types Of Flush

Toilets come with flushing systems that can vary depending on their location, technology, and overall design.

An ideal flush is powerful enough to remove waste, push it down the pipes, and scrub your toilet bowl. That reduces the number of clogs you have, and it also keeps you from needing to clean as often.

All of the different kinds of flush have their own benefits and drawbacks.


Gravity flushing has been the traditional option for toilets since 1775, back when they were first invented. But today’s toilet models have certainly improved over the first ones!

With a gravity flush system, the water flows downward through the pipes using gravity. As the water goes through the drain, a siphon pulls the waste out of the bowl.

The waste then travels through the pipes and into a septic tank or the sewer.


Pressure-assisted systems are another option. There’s nothing visually different about the exterior of these toilets.

But their water tanks are built with two containers: one holding the water, and one holding air.

When the tank fills up, the air pressure increases. Upon flushing, the high-pressure air propels the water through the toilet bowl.

This causes the water to be much higher pressure, which allows it to “scrub” the bowl. The extra power also helps it to force waste through the pipes.

Pressure systems use gravity, but their additional pressure lets them keep toilets clog-free, even without much water.

Double Cyclone

A “double cyclone” system is exclusive to the manufacturer TOTO. They have created a patented system that allows for more powerful scrubbing.

This system is set up the same way that pressure-assisted systems are. But instead of having one water nozzle, there are two.

The jet siphon forces water to circle around the toilet bowl like a cyclone, picking up and removing waste along the way.

Toilets that use this system can prevent clogs and remove waste without using more than 1.3 gallons per flush.

Dual System

Finally, there’s the dual flushing system.

As mentioned, these toilets have two buttons. One is meant for liquid waste, while the other is meant for solid.

Liquid waste can often be removed with less than a gallon of water in total, allowing you to save on your water bill. The second button lets you get rid of solid waste by using more water and power.

Dual flush systems are often prioritized by people who want to be conscious about their environmental impact. They’re also becoming increasingly common in public and commercial bathrooms.

The Best Flushing Toilet Options

The best flushing toilet needs to meet this criteria:

  • It removes waste without clogging.
  • It uses a high-efficiency design to conserve water.
  • It scrubs your toilet bowl to prevent waste from sticking, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

Different manufacturers have different offerings. And the right one for you will depend on your needs.

These are some of the top market options today, spanning a range of designs and companies.

The Best Flushing Toilet Reviews

1. TOTO One Piece Eco Ultramax Toilet

TOTO One Piece Eco Ultramax Toilet

TOTO is among the best bathroom manufacturers in today’s modern world. This one-piece toilet is specifically designed with many of the features that people look for.

The Ultramax toilet uses an elongated bowl to make it more comfortable to sit down. It is also ADA compliant.

The height is taller than traditional toilets, so it’s easier to stand up and sit.

As a one-piece toilet skirted toilet, the tank and the trap are built into the model. That means you don’t have to worry about connectors wearing down and becoming leaky.

But it might be harder to replace the toilet tank or trap if you ever need to.

The SoftClose seating technology keeps the seat from banging. You also get access to a trip lever with chrome plating, a sleek overall design, and a high quality cover for the tank.

The SanaGloss finish keeps waste from sticking to the bowl and prevents the formation of microbial hazards. There’s a catalyzed ion barrier that protects the plastic and makes cleaning easier.

By using TOTO’s E-Max flush system, this toilet is able to powerfully remove waste with just 1.28 gallons per flush. There’s also an oversized flush valve, which lets more water into the tank at once.


  • Antimicrobial coatings and a glossy finish for a cleaner bowl
  • Oversized flush valve and E-Max technology for more powerful flushing performance
  • Water-efficient design uses 1.28 gallons per flush
  • 1 year warranty included
  • Super solid one-piece with ADA-compliant dimensions


  • May be too tall for some children to use
  • Some reviewers have said it’s not quite the most powerful flushing system on the market

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2. American Standard Elongated Champion 4 Toilet

American Standard Elongated Champion 4 Toilet

American Standard is another manufacturer known for combining the traditional with the innovative. This basic toilet doesn’t have a lot of external bells and whistles.

But it does have the features you’ll want in an ideal toilet.

The Champion 4 toilet design is built to be easy to clean. Every surface uses EverClean technology, which is resistant to any bacterial microbes.

It’s simple to maintain the toilet without running into trouble.

According to the manufacturer, this design is able to get rid of up to 70% more solid waste than the average toilet. It uses a wide flush valve that lets the water clean the toilet three times more quickly than the average.

The elongated bowl is comfortable to sit on. With a maximum height of 16.5 inches, the toilet is simple to use.

It has more support than the average toilet seat.

Because this is a one-piece toilet, it tends to be very heavy to install. You’ll want to have at least two people working on the installation.

The model also tends to be bulkier than some of the more space-saving options on the market.


  • Super powerful flushing performance thanks to siphon jets, an oversized valve, and an oversized trapway
  • Anti-microbial EverClean surface prevents the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Easy to clean and maintain, with very few clogs happening
  • Sucks waste out of the bowl with each flush
  • Traditional appearance works well in any bathroom


  • Design is very bulky, so you need at least two people for the installation
  • Pricier than a two-piece toilet with many of the same features

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3. Kohler Comfort Height Santa Rosa

Kohler Comfort Height Santa Rosa

The Santa Rosa toilet is the kind of model you’ll want if you’re working within a small space. The compact design has a small overall footprint, making it great for little bathrooms.

Many compact toilets have round bowls. But the Santa Rosa uses an elongated bowl instead, which makes for a comfier seat.

Another comfort feature is the height. Since the toilet sits higher than the average model, it’s much easier to use.

The toilet does have a powerful flushing system. It uses just 1.28 gallons per flush, making it more efficient than typical 1.6 GPF models.

Another feature that might appeal is the left-handed lever. Left-handed people can flush more easily.

The seamless toilet design makes it easy to maintain the exterior as well. But the interior might be a little more difficult to clean than the other options on the list, because it has a lower water level.

But the flush system does take care of some of this. A patented “AquaPiston” system lets water flow in from siphon jets installed at every side of the toilet.

This creates an even more powerful flush. In addition, the AquaPiston technology is less susceptible to leaks than traditional valves.

The quiet-close seat won’t slam when you close it. This toilet is also compliant with EPA water efficiency standards.


  • Compact enough for small bathrooms
  • Has an elongated bowl and high seat for greater comfort
  • AquaPiston flush technology helps remove waste more powerfully
  • Less prone to leaks than traditional toilet models
  • Compliant with EPA standards thanks to the 1.28 GPF design


  • May be tougher to clean because of a lower water level
  • Right-handed people might not appreciate the left-handed lever for flushing

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Final Thoughts

The best flushing toilet is one that can remove waste with a small amount of water. But the model that’s right for you will depend on the flushing system, the amount of space that you have, the height you’re looking for, and other factors.

It’s a good idea to look for toilets that have been EPA certified for low water usage. For even more conservation, you can use a dual flush system.

You’ll also need to decide whether to get a heavier and pricier one-piece toilet, or to get a cheaper two-piece toilet whose parts can be replaced.

One of the top toilet manufacturers today is TOTO. Their dual cyclone flush system is among the best on the market.

We highly recommend looking at their ADA-compliant models for one that will suit your bathroom.