There’s nothing quite like low water pressure for making your life harder in so many small ways. Low water pressure makes washing dishes harder.

It makes rinsing the shampoo out of your hair harder. It means you have to wait for ages for a large pot to fill.

Want to easily rinse your razor clean? That’s not happening. And those are just the beginning. 

But sometimes water pressure problems are centered on a particular fixture rather than spread throughout the home. In those cases, replacing the fixture can often be the solution you need.

In this guide, we’ll talk about a fixture where low water pressure can be especially problematic, the kitchen faucet. If you’re struggling with low water pressure from your kitchen faucet, keep reading to learn everything you need to know to buy a new kitchen faucet that will solve your problem.

We’ll go over what features to look for to choose a kitchen faucet that will improve your water pressure, the different types of kitchen faucets available, and how to choose the right faucet for your home and family. And, of course, we’ll finish up by recommending our top five favorite kitchen faucets for dealing with low water pressure.

Now let’s get started.

Our Best Kitchen Faucets For Low Water Pressure

  1. Delta Faucet Essa VoiceIQ Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet With Touch2O Technology 9113T-DST (Our Top Pick)
  2. Kohler Bellera Kitchen Sink Faucet With Pull Down Spout (Best Budget)
  3. Moen Arbor U By Moen Smart Pulldown Kitchen Faucet (Best High End)
  4. American Standard Colony Soft 1 Handle High Arc Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
  5. Pfister Ashfield 2-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

What Are Kitchen Faucets For Low Water Pressure?

Kitchen faucets for low water pressure are primarily characterized by having a high flow rate. Flow rate is the amount of water that comes out of the spout during a certain amount of time. It’s measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

Flow rate isn’t the same thing as water pressure, but it is related. Generally speaking, for more water to pass through the faucet, it has to come out with more force, meaning greater water pressure. 

With that said, there are also low-flow faucets that use air to cause a smaller amount of water to come out with greater force, so you don’t necessarily have to use a lot of water to get good water pressure. That’s good news for people who live in drought-prone areas, where there are often maximum limits on the water flow that faucets are allowed.

On top of flow rate, a kitchen faucet for low water pressure should also prevent the causes of low water pressure. For example, mineral build-up from hard water can block the flow of water, a faucet for low water pressure should have an easy to clean aerator. 

Similarly, hard water, among other things, can damage or cause build-up on the disc cartridges in the faucet handles. Dirty or worn valves can cause leaks so all of the water isn’t making it out of the spout.

The diverted water flow causes lower water pressure. You want to get a sink with durable, leak-resistant disc valves that are also easy to replace once they’re worn.

What Are The Different Types Of Kitchen Faucets For Low Water Pressure?

Kitchen faucets for low water pressure fall into basically the same types as any other kitchen faucets. They’re most easily categorized by the type of sprayer they have. 

Most common these days are pull-down kitchen faucets. These faucets have a spout with a high arch shape so the end of the spout points straight down.

The sprayer is built into the end of the spout and is extended by pulling it down from the spout. All of the faucets on this list actually fall into this category.

Pull-out kitchen faucets are similar to pull-down faucets, but the spout shape is less arched. Instead, it juts out over the sink and the water flows out the bottom of the spout instead of straight out of its end.

Like pull-down faucets, the sprayer is located at the end of the spout, but because of the shape of the faucet, it pulls out and away from the spout rather than down.

Faucets with side sprayers are a bit more traditional, but that doesn’t mean they’re outdated. Sure, they’re less common these days, but that’s because a pull-out or pull-down faucet means there’s one less thing on your kitchen counter.

They’re just as effective as pull-down or pull-out faucets, so if that’s what you prefer, go for it!

There are also kitchen faucets that don’t have a sprayer at all, but if at all possible, you should avoid those, especially if you struggle with low water pressure

What Do You Look For In The Best Kitchen Faucet For Low Water Pressure?

Aside from the features we’ve already discussed, you’ll want to consider pretty much the same things when choosing a kitchen faucet for low water pressure as you would when choosing any other kitchen faucet.

Spout Height

Your spout should provide you with plenty of room for washing, rinsing, and filling large pots, pitchers, and vases. Having a sprayer gives you some more flexibility for this since you can swivel the spout out of the way and use the sprayer to do what you need to, but sometimes it’s just easier to be able to just use the spout.

Water Controls

At their most basic, water controls are just the levers or knobs that control how much water you’re using and at what temperature. Some faucets have a single handle that controls both water temperature and flow.

Others have two handles, one that controls hot water and one that controls cold water.

However, with everything else in our homes becoming smarter, it may not come as a surprise to learn that faucets are too. Some faucets can be touch or motion-activated in addition to using the traditional controls.

Some can even be controlled by voice or using an app. 

Ease Of Installation

This consideration is pretty straightforward. If you want to be able to DIY the installation of your new faucet, you’ll need to choose one that’s easy enough to install to fit within your skillset.

If you’re planning on calling a plumber, you don’t have to worry so much. 

Finish & Shape

These last two things obviously make a difference in the appearance of the faucet, but they also make a difference in functionality. The faucet’s finish protects it from corrosion, so durability is important.

It also makes a difference in how likely fingerprints and gunk are to build upon the faucet’s surface. Some finishes are also easier to wipe clean than others. 

Similarly, the shape of a faucet can invoke traditional or modern vibes or something in between. But cracks and crevices can also collect debris, which can then be a pain to remove. 

Now I’m not telling you to go with a faucet that you don’t like because it’s easier to clean, but it is worth keeping in mind before you choose an ornately decorated faucet that will require you to spend a lot of time using picks to clean out the various cracks and crevices.

Ease of cleaning is especially important if your low water pressure is due to hard water build-up, since hard water tends to leave mineral deposits and film all over the outside of your faucet.

Best Kitchen Faucets For Low Water Pressure Reviewed

Now that you know how to choose the perfect faucet, let’s talk about our favorite kitchen faucets for low water pressure. 

1. Delta Faucet Essa VoiceIQ Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet With Touch2O Technology 9113T-DST (Our Top Pick)

With everything else in our homes getting smarter, it’s perhaps not surprising that our faucets are too. The Delta Essa Single Handle Pull-Down Smart Faucet incorporates Delta’s VoiceIQ and Touch2O technology. 

The first allows you to use voice commands to turn on and off the water and tell the sink to dispense a specific amount of water. You can even create custom settings.

Touch2O is less high tech, but still handy. It allows you to tap anywhere on the faucet with your wrist or elbow to start and stop the flow of water. 

This faucet comes in Arctic Stainless, Matte Black, Venetion Bronze, and Chrome finishes.


  • Diamond Seal Technology and InnoFlex PEX integrate water lines prevent leaks
  • Pull-down sprayer with magnetic docking and Touch-Clean Spray Holes for easy removal of mineral buildup from hard water
  • Comes with an optional deckplate for use with three hole sinks and can also be purchased with a matching soap dispenser.


  • High cost
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the trim, but only a five year warranty on the electronic parts
  • Electronic parts mean the faucet requires a power source to take full advantage of the features

Buy The Delta Faucet Essa VoiceIQ Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet With Touch2O Technology 9113T-DST On Amazon

2. Kohler Bellera Kitchen Sink Faucet With Pull Down Spout (Best Budget)

A more basic (and affordable) faucet is the Kohler Bellera Kitchen Sink Faucet.

It has a pull-down spout with a three-function spray head with Stream, Boost, and Sweep Spray settings. The spray head also features a magnetic docking system and a MasterClean spray face that makes it easy to remove mineral buildup from hard water.

Despite the affordable price, this single-handle kitchen faucet is still durable. It uses ceramic disc valves and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

It comes in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Vibrant Stainless finishes, all of which are corrosion resistant.  


  • ADA compliant
  • Easy-to-install flexible water supply lines
  • Includes an escutcheon/deck plate


  • Some buyers report that the sprayer may begin to leak after a while, especially if you have hard water 

Buy The Kohler Bellera Kitchen Sink Faucet With Pull Down Spout On Amazon

3. Moen Arbor U By Moen Smart Pulldown Kitchen Faucet (Best High End)

The Moen Arbor MotionSense Kitchen Faucet is another smart touchless kitchen faucet with even more hands-free options than our top pick. 

This faucet allows you to use your voice to turn on or off the water, dispense a particular amount of water, and even dispense water at a particular temperature. You can also create custom settings. 

However, the faucet also has a motion sensor, allowing you to turn on and off the water without touching the faucet or speaking. If you do want to operate the faucet manually, the one-handle design allows you to do so with a single hand. Or you can use the iOS/Android app. 


  • Pull-down sprayer uses the Moen Reflex magnetic docking system
  • Has an elegant, contemporary gooseneck shape and comes in Matte Black, Spot Resistant Stainless, Chrome, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes, each with a matching deck plate
  • ADA compliant


  • High cost
  • Electronic parts mean the faucet requires a power source to take full advantage of the features

Buy The Moen Arbor U By Moen Smart Pulldown Kitchen Faucet On Amazon

4. American Standard Colony Soft 1 Handle High Arc Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Another simple option is the American Standard Colony Soft Pull Down Kitchen Faucet. 

This basic sink may not look like much, but it’s solid as a rock, with a solid brass swivel spout, ceramic disc valve, and flexible braided water supply lines. It comes in Polished Chrome and Stainless Steel finishes, both of which are scratch, tarnish, and corrosion-resistant.

And if something does happen, the faucet is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

The pull-down sprayer allows you to choose between two different spray patterns and has a built-in pause feature.


  • Affordable price
  • ADA compliant
  • Comes with an optional escutcheon


  • Only two finishes to choose from
  • Over time, the sprayer hose may begin to become more difficult to retract

Buy The American Standard Colony Soft 1 Handle High Arc Pull Down Kitchen Faucet On Amazon

5. Pfister Ashfield 2-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Last up is Pfister Ashfield, a two-handle faucet with a more traditional style than the other faucets we’ve talked about. The high-arc spout ends in a pull-down spray head with a toggle that lets you choose between a spray or aerated stream. 

The faucet is available in Brushed Nickel and Tuscan Bronze finishes. It comes with an optional matching deck plate but can also be mounted directly to your sink or countertop if you prefer.


  • ADA compliant
  • Ceramic disc valves
  • Warrantied for as long as you own your home


  • Only two finishes to choose from 
  • Spray head may begin to sag somewhat over time

Buy The Pfister Ashfield 2-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet On Amazon

Final Thoughts On Kitchen Faucets For Low Water Pressure

Dealing with low water pressure is awful, but the right kitchen faucet can help make using your sink bearable again. All of these faucets fit the bill, with features to enhance water pressure and prevent it from water pressure loss, such as ceramic disc cartridges and easy-to-clean spray faces.

The right one for you just depends on your needs and wants. Get a smarter, more high-end experience with the Delta Essa or Moen Arbor.

Or keep things simple with the Kohler Bellera or American Standard Colony Soft. Finally, the Pfister Ashfield is a great choice for those with more traditional styles.

But no matter which of these faucets to choose, you can’t go wrong.