Best Kohler Toilet Reviews (2022)

When you look at Kohler toilet reviews, there’s a lot to love. These toilet models are consistently praised for their flushing performance, low water usage, and lack of clogging.

But which is the best Kohler toilet for you? This buyer’s guide will help you find out.

Here’s a quick look at the best Kohler toilets available through Amazon:

  1. Kohler K Highline
  2. Kohler Memoirs
  3. Kohler Wellworth
  4. Kohler Santa Rosa
  5. Kohler Cimarron

When you’re shopping for a new toilet, you’ll want to consider the features. Is it compact enough for small bathrooms?

Is it ADA compliant? Does it have a powerful flushing system?

Does it include a bidet? Is it EPA certified?

Is it a single flush or dual flush toilet?

Let’s explore each of the classic toilet options on the list.

1. Kohler K Highline (Our Top Pick)

Kohler K Highline

The Highline classic option is our top pick overall for a few different reasons. For one thing, the Highline toilet uses less water than standard toilets.

It uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, compared to the 1.6 GPF standard.

This water-saving feature has a positive impact on the environment and your wallet. You can save hundreds of gallons a month, especially if your household has many people.

The Highline meets WaterSense guidelines set by the EPA.

The comfort height toilet is taller than a standard model. With a comfortable height design, you can sit down and stand up as easily as from a chair.

This seat height is often preferred by older people and those with mobility issues.

The two-piece toilet has an elongated bowl. An elongated toilet has a more comfortable toilet seat than a round bowl.

Installation of the toilet is super easy since the bolts are pre-installed. There’s a 12-inch rough-in.

As a Class Five toilet, the Highline is outfitted with advanced flushing technology. The oversized flush valve creates increased flushing power while decreasing water consumption.

At the same time, the powerful flush quietly cleans the toilet bowl.


  • Powerful Class Five flush system
  • Comfort height with elongated bowl
  • Efficient canister flush valve


  • Not the most compact

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2. Kohler Memoirs (Best High End)

Kohler Memoirs

The Memoirs toilet is a little pricier, but it will appeal to people who want intelligent toilet technology. This two-piece design also uses 1.28 GPF for maximum efficiency.

Like the previous option, this model is outfitted with a comfort height and an elongated bowl. But there are more benefits than that.

The toilet comes with a special tank liner called the Insuliner. This prevents condensation from beading on the tank when the weather is very humid.

Also included is an Aquapiston canister. Kohler’s Aquapiston technology lets water flow through the toilet bowl at 360 degrees.

This allows for better pressure and scrubbing inside the toilet, thereby preventing material from sticking.

The water is pushed through one extremely powerful jet. It swirls horizontally around the bowl to dislodge all solid materials and flush them without issue.

The canister is also designed to have a less exposed wax ring seal than a flapper, helping to prevent leaks.


  • Powerfully moves solid waste through the trapway
  • Insuliner keeps condensation off the tank
  • Comfort height and elongated bowl


  • The seat must be purchased separately

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3. Kohler Wellworth (Best Budget)

Kohler Wellworth

The Wellworth is our top pick if you’re looking for a Kohler toilet on a budget. Another solid two-piece model, this design includes a comfortable elongated bowl.

The toilet lever is crafted from polished chrome.

One important note is that the K-3978-0 Wellworth toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush. This is compliant with the standard established in 1992, but it’s not the most efficient on the market.

So while it will save you on the initial purchase, you may end up paying more for your water bills over time.

Like many other Kohler models, the Wellworth is outfitted with pre-installed bolts for super easy tank installation. It also incorporates the Class Five flushing technology to get rid of the solid waste quickly.


  • Great budget option
  • Class Five flushing technology
  • Easy installation


  • Uses 1.6 GPF instead of 1.28
  • Can’t ship to some states
  • Standard height rather than comfort height

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4. Kohler Santa Rosa

Kohler Santa Rosa

If you’re looking for a one-piece toilet from Kohler, the Santa Rosa toilet is your best option. With a one-piece toilet, the tank and the toilet bowl are integrated.

This means that there’s no potentially leaky gasket between them. But it also means that the toilet can be very heavy and cumbersome to move.

The Santa Rosa comes with an elongated bowl and comfort height seat. Unlike many of the other elongated options, though, it takes up the same amount of space as a round bowl.

For this reason, it’s an ideal compact option for small bathrooms.

The Santa Rosa is equipped with the AquaPiston canister. This canister is compatible with all canister flush valve toilets from Kohler.

In addition to cleaning the bowl, it removes frequent issues with toilet leakage.

The Santa Rosa uses just 1.28 GPF and is WaterSense certified. It comes with a quietly closing seat that doesn’t slam, so there’s no more worrying about making noise in the middle of the night.

Since the design is just one piece, it’s super easy to clean.


  • Compact while still having a comfortable elongated bowl
  • AquaPiston canister technology cleans the bowl
  • One piece for easier installation and cleaning


  • Fairly pricey
  • Very heavy thanks to the one-piece design

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5. Kohler Cimarron

Kohler Cimarron

The Kohler Cimarron is a two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl. The design includes a skirted trapway, which removes odd corners and crannies.

It’s super easy to clean the exterior of the toilet thanks to the sleek covering.

Like many other options on the list, this toilet is designed with comfort height seating. It also uses 1.28 GPF for maximum water efficiency.

Like a few other options as well, the Cimarron uses AquaPiston technology.

The installation process is quick and easy. Thanks to the DryLock system, you can easily lock the toilet into place and prevent potential leaks.

This is one of the more versatile options on the list. Though most models use an elongated bowl, you can also choose a round one if need be.

The toilet is also available in three different rough-in sizes.


  • Available with 2 bowl shapes and 3 rough-in sizes
  • Comfort height with elongated bowl option
  • DryLock installation prevents leaking
  • Skirted trapway for simple cleaning


  • No seat included
  • The elongated option isn’t super compact

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Final Thoughts

Kohler has been in the toilet market for years, fiercely competing with brands like Toto and American Standard. They have established themselves as one of the best toilet companies in the US.

Our top pick overall is the Highline toilet. This toilet has all the comfort features and powerful flushing that you could want, all at a reasonable price.

For some extra features and technology, you might upgrade to the Memoirs instead.

The Wellworth is the best pick if you’re shopping on a tight budget. But it’s not the most efficient toilet.

If you can, it’ll save you more, in the long run, to get a WaterSense 1.28 GPF model instead.