best no clog toilet

Best No Clog Toilet

What makes a good no clog toilet? Did you know that there are toilets specifically designed not to clog?

They use a combination of powerful flushing and water distribution to prevent clogs at the source.

Of course, there is no toilet that’s guaranteed never to clog. And you still need to follow basic guidelines for what can and can’t be flushed.

If a product cannot be broken down in your pipes, then you’re likely to run into clogging issues no matter what.

But if you’re remodeling your bathroom and want a toilet that will save you the potential future hassle, we have some recommendations.

Best No Clog Toilets

Our biggest recommendations for no-clog toilets include:

  1. American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise 2-Piece (Our Top Pick)
  2. Kohler Comfort Height 1.28 Gpf Toilet (Best High End)
  3. TOTO Two-Piece Round 1.28 GPF (Best Budget)
  4. Woodbridge Cotton White Toilet
  5. Toto 1.28 Gpf Universal Height Toilet

We’ve reviewed each of these with more details, pros, and cons below.

What To Look For In A No Clog Toilet

Flushing System

The flushing system is the biggest component affecting a toilet’s clog rate. The more powerful the flush, the easier it is for waste to move through the pipes.

Powerful flushes can break apart solid matter and use high pressure to move it.

By contrast, toilets without a powerful flushing system are more likely to clog. Without ample water pressure, waste is more likely to get stuck partway down the pipes.

Different toilet models use different flushing systems. Many use gravity-based systems, which move waste downward to the sewer line.

Others use pressure to move waste upward when they’re installed below the sewer line. Pressure systems are stronger because they use compressed air to propel the water harder in each flush.

Trapway and Flush Valve Size

The trapway is the part of your toilet that regulates how much waste can be moved into the pipes. The larger the diameter of the trapway, the easier it is for water and waste to flow.

That makes you less likely to suffer clogs, even if your pipes themselves are thin.

Smaller trapways are more likely to get clogged with waste. They also allow less water inside, so they reduce the power of each flush.

The flush valve is the valve that delivers water from the toilet tank to the bowl. While many valves are 2 inches in size, toilets with 3 or 4 inch valves tend to be more powerful.

They allow water to enter more quickly, which increases pressure and reduces clogging.

Water Refill Time

After you flush your waste, the toilet bowl refills. You want the bowl to remove the waste and then refill quickly.

The refill rate doesn’t affect the drain itself. The new water in the bowl has nothing to do with how powerful the previous flush was.

But if your toilet is slow to fill, that might indicate low water pressure. If your water pressure is low, you won’t get enough power when you do flush the toilet.

If you notice that your toilet is taking three or more minutes before it fills up, that might be part of the problem. A no clog toilet tends to refill in anywhere from one to two minutes.

Construction Materials

Sometimes the materials used in a toilet model will affect the rate of clogging. The majority of modern toilets are crafted from either porcelain or ceramic.

But there are some toilets with additional helpful features. For example, there might be an antimicrobial enamel glaze that prevents waste from sticking to the bowl.

It also helps to have a glazed trapway, as this prevents waste from getting stuck to the trapway itself.

What Kind Of Toilet Does Not Clog?

There are several different types of toilets that don’t clog. Most no-clog toilets tend to be gravity-fed flush systems, which means that they must be installed above your sewer line.

With toilets installed below the sewer line, there’s often a mechanism that breaks up the waste before moving it up the pipes.

If you want a toilet that doesn’t clog, your best bet is to look for a powerful flushing system. Many different companies have patented flushing technology.

These designs might use oversized valves, oversized drains, or specialized rims to generate more power per flush.

The more power you have with each flush, the easier it is to move solid waste through the pipes.

Are Some Toilets Prone To Clogging?

There are some toilets that are more susceptible to clogging than others.

One type of toilet that clogs frequently is an old low-flow toilet. Do you have an eco-friendly toilet model that was installed during the 1990s?

If that’s the case, it might be outdated. These toilets use a smaller amount of water, but they don’t have a powerful enough flush to fully clear waste from the bowl.

Sometimes you can upgrade these models and add water pressure without needing to replace them entirely. But since these toilets are likely reaching the end of their lifespan anyway, it might be a good idea to get a new unit instead.

How Do I Make My Toilet Not Clog?

There are certain things that you can do to avoid clogging your toilet or septic system. If you don’t have a no-clog toilet, these steps might help you reduce clogs.

First, be cautious about the products that you flush. For the most part, you shouldn’t flush anything except toilet paper and organic waste.

That’s because these materials can break down normally over time in your septic system or sewer, whereas other materials can’t.

You should avoid flushing items like sanitary products or wipes. Even “flushable” wipes often don’t break down as easily as some other products.

Similarly, you shouldn’t use any heavy-duty chemicals to try to unclog your pipes. This can lead to damage and corrosion.

It might make you more susceptible to clogs in the future, and it might also cause your pipes to need replacing.

Finally, you should make sure that you’re getting as powerful a flush as possible. Don’t place anything inside the toilet tank, as this will reduce the amount of water used per flush.

Make sure that you frequently clean the rim to prevent any ports from becoming blocked.

Top No Clog Toilet Reviews

1. American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise 2-Piece (Our Top Pick)

American Standard

The Cadet 3 FloWise toilet from American Standard is our top pick because of the many convenience features. It is even convenient to install, thanks to the DIY installation kit that comes with each purchase.

This toilet has a slow-closing seat and lid, so you don’t need to worry about slamming. No more loud noises in the middle of the night!

The EverClean technology keeps the bowl from becoming stained or growing mildew. You don’t have to worry about nasty odors.

Also included is a PowerWash rim, which uses powerful flushing to clear the bowl every time. It really cuts down on the need for overall maintenance.

The powerful flushing goes beyond the toilet bowl, too. The oversized flush valve allows for more thorough flushing, removing everything from the bowl and keeping it from getting caught in the pipes.

At the same time, the FloWise technology prevents water waste by adapting to your flushing needs.


  • FloWise tech prevents water waste
  • Oversized flush valve generates more power
  • PowerWash rim scrubs the bowl automatically
  • EverClean tech provides antimicrobial resistance
  • Slow closing seat and lid for quiet use


  • Must be installed above the sewer line
  • Not built for commercial properties

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2. Kohler Comfort Height 1.28 GPF Toilet (Best High End)

KOHLER K 3940 0 Kathryn Comfort

The Kohler Comfort Height model may be more expensive, but it’s a great choice for those with a large remodel budget. You can purchase the toilet in white, black, or biscuit coloring.

With 1.28 gallons per flush, this model is both powerful and environmentally friendly.

The 1.28 GPF model skirts the line between a less powerful 1.0 and a slightly more wasteful 1.6 GPF. It’s a good choice if you want a well-designed flushing system that won’t increase your water bills.

The Comfort Height design sets the toilet bowl at chair height, which makes it easier for many adults to sit down and stand up. That makes this model a competitive choice for older people and others with mobility issues.

In fact, it has been certified as ADA accessible.

The toilet also uses patented Class Five flushing tech to keep the pipes from clogging. At the same time, it scrubs the bowl, so you don’t need to clean the appliance as often.


  • ADA-accessible design makes it easy to sit down and stand up
  • Class Five tech keeps clogs from happening
  • Toilet bowl doesn’t need to be cleaned as often
  • Meets EPA standards for water conservation


  • Very pricey model compared to the competition
  • May be too tall for children to use comfortably

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3. TOTO Two-Piece Round 1.28 GPF (Best Budget)

TOTO CST244EF01 Entrada Two Piece

TOTO makes a two-piece round toilet bowl that uses 1.28 gallons per flush. Like the previous option on the list, this is an eco-friendly design that conserves water while providing optimal flushing power.

It is also available in five different colors and finishes.

This model is also outfitted with TOTO’s patented E-Max flushing technology. In addition to a wide 3-inch flushing valve, the toilet uses an oversized siphon jet.

By adding power behind the flush, they’ve created a virtually clog-free toilet that’s still EPA certified.

The flushing system can shut off cleanly regardless of the water pressure. At the same time, it is very quiet when in use.


  • Conserves water with 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Patented E-Max tech creates powerful flush
  • Comes with both an oversized valve and siphon jet
  • Computer engineered, completely glazed trapway


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4. Woodbridge Cotton White Toilet

WOODBRIDGE Cotton White T 0019 Toilet

The Woodbridge toilet might look unusual, but it’s one of the most popular floor-mounted toilets on the market. If you’re a fan of modern and futuristic design, you’ll appreciate the sleekness of the lines.

The surface of the toilet is super sleek and easy to clean. Thanks to the concealed trapway, there aren’t any hidden corners that might become grimy or dusty.

The one-piece design uses a siphon flushing system. Not only is it powerful, but it’s also quiet.

The designers specifically made it for a hassle-free, leak-free, and clog-free experience.

The toilet sits higher than many other designs, making it easier for adults to sit down and stand up. In addition, the toilet seat closes softly without slamming.

If you need to do maintenance, it’s simple to remove the seat for cleaning.

The package comes with everything you need to install the toilet, including floor bolts, hand tools, and a manual. It has been certified as a high-efficiency toilet.


  • Designed to avoid exterior cracks or corners for less grime overall
  • High performance flushing system built to reduce clogs and leaks
  • Quiet toilet seat can be easily removed for maintenance
  • Certified as water conserving system compliant with US EPA standards
  • Package comes with all installation instructions, tools, and components necessary for a DIY install


  • One piece design might be heavy if you’re installing it by yourself
  • May be too tall for children to comfortably use
  • Sleek modern design might not appeal to everyone

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5. TOTO 1.28 GPF Universal Height Toilet

TOTO MS604114CEFRG01 UltraMax II One Piece Elongated

TOTO offers another toilet with a 1.28 gallon per flush system. Rather than being designed with a round bowl, this toilet is elongated and has a universal height.

If you’ve been interested in a TOTO toilet but prefer an elongated design, this might be the pick for you.

You can choose from four patented Cefiontect colors, or get the toilet in black without the glaze. The Cefiontect technology prevents particles from adhering to the toilet bowl, offering antimicrobial resistance.

This toilet is a unique option on the list thanks to its patented Tornado Flush system. Rather than having a single nozzle, it has two nozzles that work in tandem.

They create a cyclone in your toilet bowl that removes waste, scrubs the bowl clean, and prevents clogging.

By using this high-efficiency design, the toilet can reduce clogging without using more than 1.28 gallons per flush. You end up needing to clean less.

Since the rim doesn’t have any holes, it’s super easy to clean and maintain when the need presses.


  • Elongated design and universal height are comfortable for everyone
  • Cefiontect tech protects the bowl with an antimicrobial finish
  • Patented Tornado Flush tech uses two nozzles to scrub the bowl clean
  • No holes around the rim, so nothing grows under the seat
  • Highly efficient system only uses 1.28 gallons per flush


  • Does not come with the toilet seat, so you have to purchase that separately
  • To DIY install, you also need to purchase the supplies and wax ring

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Though there’s no guarantee that you’ll never deal with a toilet clog again, there are toilets designed to minimize clogging. You’ll have the most success with these if you also follow instructions regarding which products to flush or not to flush.

A powerful flushing mechanism is the biggest factor affecting your toilet. You also want a toilet that refills quickly and is made of ideal materials.

Aside from this, the size of your pipes might also make a difference.

Our top pick overall for the best no clog toilet is the American Standard Cadet. The two-piece design makes the toilet relatively lightweight and easy to install.

It has a powerful flushing capacity and is built to break down organic waste naturally.