What Is A Drywall Flat Box

There are many tools that make hanging drywall easier. One of the lesser-known options is a drywall flat box.

So, what is a drywall flat box? 

Flat boxes are simple drywall tools that help installers put mud on the wall evenly and quickly. The boxes are filled with joint compound, adjusted for thickness, and come with a long handle that has a brake.

A drywaller runs the flat box over the seam they’re covering to apply drywall mud .

Here’s what else you should know.

How Do You Use a Drywall Flat Box?Fm

How Do You Use a Drywall Flat Box

Drywall flat boxes are a box on wheels that holds your joint compound. The handle has a brake lever which you release to allow mud to flow through the slots.

A plate puts pressure on the drywall mud to smooth it out as it goes on the wall.

Here’s how to use a drywall flat box:

  • Load your box with mud
  • For horizontal joints, place the blade and box wheels flat at one side of the joint.
  • Release the brake lever and use even, consistent pressure as your roll the flat box from one end of the joint to the other
  • For vertical joints, start at the bottom and run the flat box halfway up the wall. Then, move the box to the top of the joint and run it down, meeting in the middle where you left off.

While drywall flat boxes can speed up drywall finishing, you have to play with the setting to find the perfect flow. It may also take some practice to achieve even coverage.

You can also find automatic taping tools that combine flat boxes with automatic tapers. However, these are usually more expensive.

Are Drywall Flat Boxes Worth it?

If you’re wondering if a drywall flat box is worth the investment, it depends.

If you’re doing a small room or a patch job, probably not. But, if you’re working on a large job or need to reach high areas, then a flat box can save you a lot of work.

Since drywall flat boxes are on handles that are sometimes extendable, they’re ideal for tall walls and ceilings. And while they can help you achieve smooth and even coverage, they come with a learning curve. 

So, unless you’re working on a big job, investing in one probably isn’t worth it.

Final Thoughts

Drywall flat boxes are simple finishing tools that help drywallers save time applying mud. They’re great for professionals and DIYers working on large jobs.

But as great as they are, automatic drywall tools come with a bit of a learning curve and aren’t necessary for small drywall installations.