drywall on studs

Do Drywall Seams Have to be on a Stud?

When hanging drywall, you may wonder, do drywall seams have to be on a stud?

And the answer is yes, placing the seams of drywall panels or sheetrock on a stud will give you something to securely attach them to. This is why it’s essential to plan ahead. If there is no stud for you to attach the drywall seams too, you’ll need to add one.

Here’s what else you should know.

Does Drywall Have Studs?

Drywall, also referred to as wallboard or sheetrock, is composed of gypsum. Drywall does not have studs in it but needs to be attached to studs in the wall to be held securely in place. 

Studs are generally 16 inches apart, but some are 24 inches apart. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to determine the spacing before your drywall installation. This will allow you to choose sheets of drywall that are an appropriate size to butt joints up next to each other.

When hanging drywall, the panels should be about half an inch off the floor, with seams touching each other on the studs. The drywall then needs to be screwed in place with drywall screws. After hanging the drywall, you can finish it with joint compound or drywall mud.

If you already have drywall hanging and are trying to determine where the studs are in your wall, you can do so by using a stud finder. A stud finder is a small tool with an electronic sensor that measures the density of the wall. When it notices a change (locates your stud), it will beep or flash. 

Once you find the first stud, you can find the other studs every 16 or 24 inches apart.

Is There a Gap Between Drywall and Stud?

There is no gap between the drywall and the stud. In fact, drywall is screwed directly into the stud with seams butting up next to each other.

The only reason there would be a gap is if the drywall bowed. Bowing is usually caused by excess moisture or humidity in the air.


Drywall seams do need to be on a stud. When doing DIY and hanging drywall, you should butt the edge of the drywall panels up to one another and screw them in place. Since you secure drywall to the studs, there will be no gaps.