Toilet Wax Ring Alternative

Toilet Wax Ring Alternative

A wax ring is the default seal for a new toilet. But it’s actually possible to get a good seal without wax.

In fact, some plumbers believe that a waxless seal is the perfect seal because certain materials perform better than wax. But which wax-free toilet seal is actually the best mess-free option?

A toilet wax ring is a popular choice because it’s simple if you do a DIY toilet installation. However, there are some serious disadvantages.

Wax rings aren’t able to withstand heat, they only come in specific sizes, and there’s no way to reuse them. You’re unlikely to find a 10-year warranty on a typical wax seal because of how easily they wear out.

Waxless seals are more popular because they can be used easily, they withstand heat, and they aren’t messy. A rubber seal or Sani seal is built from durable materials.

There are also seal options that use a mixture of wax and rubber. While these aren’t entirely waxless, they do give a better first time seal than wax alone.

Rubber Seal Rings

Rubber Seal Rings

Rubber rings come with a reusable gasket for the toilet bowl. You attach them to the bottom of the toilet.

The flange then enters the drain pipe. Your toilet flange is important because this is what creates the watertight seal.

It prevents flooding of your heated floors.

Meanwhile, the floor flange is protected by the O-ring. This leakproof ring seals the toilet against air and liquid leaks.

It is also responsible for keeping sewer gases out of your bathroom, along with your toilet drain.

Unlike a wax seal, a rubber seal can be reset every time you have to use your drain pipe. That means that you don’t run into the mess or hassle of replacing an entire seal.

As such, it can be more cost-effective than a free seal made of wax.

If you’re considering replacing the seal for a home improvement project, it’s a good idea to look for a Fluidmaster , Korky, or Danco option from Amazon. These typically don’t need an adapter in order to attach to your drain, regardless of the usual flange heights.

Our top recommendations for the best rubber seal are the Fluidmaster Better Than Wax option or the Korky Wax-Free Seal option.

Foam Seal Rings

Foam Seal Rings

Foam seal rings are another reusable option that can be used at the floor level. Rather than using rubber or wax, they use a combination of sponge, foam, and other durable materials.

Since the materials maintain their shape, they can conform to the toilet’s specifications while still preventing leakage. Another advantage is that because the materials are reusable, you can re-install one ring several times if you make a mistake.

If you have a wobbly toilet, a foam gasket might have a special appeal. These materials perform better than rubber in preventing leaks on wobbly models.

The material compresses and expands with the movement. You should also check to make sure that the brass bolts of your toilet are tight enough.

You can also use a spacer as an adapter if need be. This will fix most leak problems.

Sani Seal

The Sani seal is a type of foam seal that’s made from a combination of rubber, sponge, PVC, and ABS plastic. It keeps the bolts of your toilet upright while holding the gasket still.

It is also able to fit any standard toilet flange.

Even if you have a deep flange, you can stack this model. That’s why it’s our top pick for those looking for a combination of foam and rubber sealant.

However, it should be noted that reviewers have said that the seal is no longer usable if it becomes damaged. Any small damage will allow water to leak inside.

That’s usually not a problem for pure rubber seals.

Final Thoughts

Most toilets are automatically installed with a wax seal as the default. However, waxless seals have many advantages.

They are reusable, easier to install, and less prone to leaking.

The two most popular types of waxless seal are rubber and foam. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages.

Rubber seals work best for those with irregular toilets. But for those who have more wobbly toilets, a foam seal can do a lot for overall stability.