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What Is A Pole Sander?

It likely comes as no surprise to most that a quality paint job begins with thorough drywall prep work. 

Prior to laying the first brushstroke, a surface should be cleaned and sanded, leaving nothing but a smooth work surface to contend with. 

However, achieving such results often requires a significant input of both time and effort.

This is a chore that can often be simplified with the use of a pole sander. But what, exactly, is a pole sander?

A pole sander is a specialty sanding tool, complete with a lengthy handle, specifically designed to extend one’s reach. In many cases, sanders of this type feature a threaded pole, onto which a specialized sanding head is affixed. 

Most pole sanders utilize cast aluminum or wood handles, as well as distinct heads, which retain sandpaper through the use of velcro, clamps, or adapters. 

The vast majority of pole sander heads also swivel while in use, thereby eliminating undue difficulty.

What Is A Pole Sander Used For?

using pole sander

A pole sander can be used in virtually any situation where extensive sanding and surface prep are required. 

The use of a pole sander is especially handy when attempting to prepare large surface areas, or when the use of a sanding block, hand sander, or random orbital sander proves impractical. 

While a pole sander is often utilized when performing any number of DIY home improvement projects, such a tool’s value truly shines when sanding drywall

In fact, the pole sander is often referred to as a “must-have” drywall tool when paired with drywall sanding sheets.  Many drywall pole sanders feature lightweight die-cast sander handles or aluminum poles, which tend to cause minimal arm and back fatigue.

Type Of Pole Sander Heads

Pole sander heads come in numerous shapes and configurations, each of which serves a specific purpose. The following are several of the most common types of pole sander heads.


rectangular pole sander

Rectangular sander heads tend to be extremely common, and are widely utilized by those sanding around corners, or along trim/edging. Heads of this configuration come in several different sizes, allowing consumers to select the best product to suit their specific needs.


circular pole sander

Circular sanding heads tend to be relatively simple to use, exhibiting less of a tendency to flip while in motion, than standard rectangular sanding heads. However, circular sanding heads often prove troublesome when attempting to prep corners, or other tight confines.


triangular pole sander

Triangular sanding heads are extremely versatile and can be used in almost any scenario imaginable. Heads of this nature are not overly prone to flipping, yet prove more than capable of reaching deep into tight corners.

If you could have just a single sanding head at your disposal, a triangular head would undoubtedly be the way to go.

What Can I Use If I Don’t Have A Pole Sander?

In the event that you do not own a pole sander, yet need to prep a surface of significant size, a modified sponge mop can be used to save the day. To accomplish this, a piece of sandpaper can be wrapped around a mop’s sponge and affixed to the sponge’s hold-down screws.

This sponge can then be reattached to the unit’s head, with the use of standard wing nuts.

Once prepared, your makeshift “mop sander” can be used in a nearly identical fashion to any standard pole sander. While individual results may vary, one is sure to be far better off than they would be with the use of a typical hand sander. 

What To Look For In A Good Pole Sander?

A quality pole sander should be simple to use, outwardly durable, and sturdy in its construction. Pole sanders possessing each of these attributes are sure to stand the test of time and should provide ample service to meet most any need.

Furthermore, a quality sander of this variety is sure to provide greater overall value to consumers, than any less viable alternative.

Marshalltown’s “Premier Line” Swivel Pole Sander possesses each of the qualities listed above, in abundance. This pole sander is constructed of reinforced die-cast aluminum and features high-quality clamps for simplified fitment for one’s abrasive of choice.

If you are in search of the ideal pole sander to meet most any need, then Marshalltown’s “Premier Line” Swivel Pole Sander is worth a second look.


There is little substitute for the use of a quality pole sander when tackling difficult sanding jobs. Pole sanders feature sturdy extension poles that minimize the need to stoop, reach, or bend when completing a chore of this nature.

Furthermore, drywall sanders of this type can be used when working with a variety of surfaces, such as sheetrock, drywall, and even wood floors. 

Whether you intend to remodel extensively, or simply wish to refinish a few select surfaces, a quality pole sander should make a welcome addition to almost any garage.