t-square for drywall

What Is A T-square?

At times, a home improvement project might call for precise measurement of one type or another. In many cases, such measurements are taken to ensure that a particular surface is “square”, or evenly cut.

This is achieved with the use of one or more specialized tools, designed to take a true and accurate measure of a particular material.

One such tool that you might have heard of is a T-square, especially as referenced to use with drywall. But what, exactly, is a T-square

Simply put, a T-square is a measuring tool used to mark right angles on a given piece of stock, with extreme precision. Such measurements are often used by draftsmen when drawing up plans, or by contractors to execute any number of home improvement projects. 

T-squares also come in numerous forms. From solid-state to adjustable, aluminum to stainless steel, there is a multitude of T-squares currently available to meet the needs of most any consumer.

Additionally, T-squares of almost any size are also available. This makes it possible to accurately measure and cut larger stock than would otherwise be possible.

What Is A T-square Used For?

using drywall t square

A T-square is used to measure and mark right angles, to a high degree of accuracy. Devices of this nature are closely related to other 90-degree measuring/marking tools, such as rafter squares, carpenter squares, framing squares, set squares.

Likewise, a T-square can also be used to trace straight lines as well, much as would be possible with the use of a straight edge or measuring tape.

The T-square is also among the most popular of all drywall tools. In fact, there is a wide range of heavy-duty drywall t-squares currently available.

T-squares of this variety are often constructed of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. Aluminum drywall T-squares tend to be extremely popular, due to their lightweight design.

Numerous adjustable T-squares are also available. T-squares of this type are quite common on job sites, as they can be used to measure and trace various angle markings, on a number of surfaces, such as drywall panels, plasterboard, wallboard, and sheetrock. 

There are even several types of adjustable drywall t-squares in production. These adjustable units simplify the task of accurately measuring larger stock.

This, in turn, saves both time and hassle, allowing one to cut with confidence, knowing that they have verified the angle that is to be cut. 

From contractor to the amateur DIY specialist, the T-square is the perfect tool for any detail-orientated craftsman. 

What Can I Use If I Don’t Have A T-square?

If you do not have a T-square at your disposal, you are left with several options. Luckily, one can easily substitute a square of another basic design, to suffice in a pinch.

However, doing so can cause certain limitations, when working on larger than standard surfaces, such as when attempting to cut drywall.

Simply put, almost any hand tool capable of measuring a right angle can be used in place of a T-square. Likewise, a quality level, such as a Johnson level or Empire level, can be used to mock-up square angles, allowing highly accurate cuts to be made. 

In an absolute worst-case scenario, a tape measure can be used to stake out certain angles, to a fair degree of accuracy. This can be done by leveling the tape with the perimeter edge of a surface, tracing the inner edge of the tape along the way.

This step can then be repeated along the opposing edge of a given surface, to obtain the other segment of the desired angle.

What To Look For In A Good T-Square?

Kapro Adjustable Drywall T Square

A quality T-square should be expertly crafted, ultra-durable, and accurate beyond question. Most of today’s best T-squares exhibit each of these qualities in abundance, thereby substantiating their worth.

While a premium T-square will typically cost a few more dollars than one might assume, such a purchase is worth every penny.

One prime example of a quality T-Square is the Kapro Adjustable Drywall T-Square. This aluminum drywall square carries a premium anodized finish, an extra-thick blade, and a durable screw lock for trouble-free adjustment.

The Kapro Adjustable Drywall T-Square also measures up to 48-inches in length.


As most craftsmen are well aware, any quality project begins with a series of sharp, accurate measurements. In the world of right-angles, such measurements are best taken with a T-square.

Tools of this variety are extremely simple to use, and often feature an aluminum finish, stamped with graduations, allowing additional measurements to be taken.

Without a doubt, a T-square should make a welcome addition to the toolbox of any DIY specialist. Armed with a “measure twice, cut once mentality”, and the correct tools for the job, one will be better equipped to fashion quality works, of almost any size or configuration.